Taxi drivers have been going and continue to go through extremely difficult times due to the pandemic with a significant reduction in the number of fare paying passengers leading to a big drop in income. Black cab drivers in London are no different in this respect with many having to give up their taxi businesses.

Apparently, there has been a significant reduction in the number of black cabs operating in the capital in the last few months. In fact, apparently, some research has revealed that there has been a drop of almost 20% in the number of taxis on roads in London since between early June of this year and early November of this year. We are sure that you will agree that is a huge reduction and is very concerning.

A lot of black cab drivers in London rent a vehicle no doubt at significant expense and, apparently, hundreds have been returned to the businesses renting out such vehicles as these drivers are unable to maintain a living as a taxi driver due to the drop in the number of fare paying passengers they pick up and many of these black cabs are now being stored in fields and car parks.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight for taxi drivers following the government’s recent announcement about what it intends to do when the current lockdown comes to an end in England. More areas are going to be put into the higher risk tiers thus impacting on so many businesses including the hospitality sector such as pubs, restaurants and hotels that generate a lot of business for taxi drivers in the capital and, of course, throughout the UK.

It is to be hoped that the New Year sees an improvement in things for taxi drivers in the UK. We will endeavor to continue to keep our readers up to date with relevant information.