Like a lot of businesses here in the UK, taxi firms have struggled significantly during the pandemic. Many taxi businesses have ceased to operate or cut back their operation as they have had fewer customers to transport.

For instance, the travel industry almost came to a halt with very few people going away on holiday during the height of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 meaning that airport transfers became almost non-existent. Clubs, pubs, theatres and restaurants were closed so taxi bookings were affected. Millions were working from home so some who may have used a taxi on occasions to get to work stopped doing so.

However, things are now getting back to some sort of normality. People are going away on holiday including flying out of the UK, people are going out for a drink and many have returned to work in the office albeit for some on a part-time basis perhaps working in the office two days a week and from home on three days a week. As a result, more people are calling on the services of a taxi.

There has been some press comment about there being a shortage of taxis here in the UK so is now a good time for someone to consider entering this sector of the transport industry? Potentially, yes it is. However, when considering setting up a business, you should still carry out your due diligence. For instance, try to find out how many taxis were operating in the area you are considering covering before the pandemic started in the early part of 2020 with the numbers currently operating. Try to find out how busy taxi drivers currently are. If you feel that now is a good time to set up a taxi business then why not also get some professional advice from the likes of an accountant who has some experience of dealing with taxi firms in a professional capacity.

If you do decide that becoming a taxi driver is for you then we wish you all the best in your new venture. Whilst writing, why not get in touch with us with a view to obtaining a competitive taxi insurance quotation without any obligation.