If you happen to be a taxi driver, do you know anybody famous who has also done the same job as you? Well, apparently, it has recently been revealed that Vladimir Putin worked as a taxi driver. We are sure that you will agree he certainly fits the description of being famous.

In the 1990s, he got a job as a taxi driver to bring in additional income. We wonder if it was something that he enjoyed or did he feel that it was something that he had to do out of necessity? As you will no doubt be aware, Vladimir Putin is none other than the President of Russia so he is an extremely powerful individual.

It would be interesting to find out if there is anyone else who is very well known who has either been a taxi driver or drove a private hire vehicle.

Who knows, could there have been one or more pop stars or actors who were yet to become established in the entertainment business who needed to supplement their income so took on a job driving taxis or private hire vehicles.

On that point, there are no doubt some taxi drivers who are not up and coming A listed stars who work as taxi drivers on a part-time or casual basis to bring in much needed additional income to help support their families. If you were considering becoming a taxi driver then this is an option that you might like to consider before committing to working on a full-time basis as a taxi driver. At least in doing so you should be able to decide if taxi driving is going to be right for you on a full-time basis.

If you are setting up in business as a taxi driver then you will no doubt need to arrange suitable taxi insurance. In this respect, why not get in touch with us at your earliest opportunity with a view to obtaining a competitive quotation without any obligation to proceed.