The UK is going through a difficult financial period at the moment with costs increasing such as rent and fuel. So, if you have your own taxi service, what can you do to reduce some of your business expenditure?

One of the major outgoings of a taxi business is the amount it spends on putting fuel in the vehicle as it is quite likely that you travel an awful lot of miles especially if you do airport transfers. So, how can you go about lowering the amount spent on this commodity? Well, you will hopefully know where the cheapest petrol stations are to fill up your taxi with either diesel or petrol. Hopefully, you will know a number of forecourts in the locations that you cover as it may be that you need to fill up with fuel away from where you are based. The cost of both petrol and diesel are currently very high so if you are able to make a saving of 1p or 2p a litre that could make a significant difference to your expenditure.

When picking up a family from the airport that are returning from holiday, park within a few minutes of the airport’s short stay car park where you can pull over for free rather than parking in the airport car park for a long period of time and wait for them to call you to tell you that they have collected their luggage and are coming through passport control at which point you can then drive into the short stay car park to pick them up. In this way you will hopefully reduce the amount spent on airport car parking charges.

Obviously you will have taxi insurance if you are an established taxi service or, if setting up as a taxi business for the first time, will require such cover. So, when you receive your renewal notice from your existing insurer or require a quote for the first time why not use the likes of a price comparison website to obtain a competitive quotation. Hopefully, this will enable you to save some money on your taxi insurance.

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