Apparently, in the region of one in three people may have COVD-19 but not show any symptoms such as loosing the taste of things. Obviously, if those people could be identified it could help reduce the spread of this virus that has cost so many lives both here in the UK and overseas. Therefore, the Government has been encouraging local authorities to arrange testing of people who are unable to work from home.

It would be excellent news for taxi drivers if they were able to have a test for the coronavirus on a regular basis. This would give peace of mind to both taxi drivers and their passengers that their driver tested negative to having got COVID-19.

Apparently, the test result could be available in about 30 minutes of having the test that we are sure you will agree is quick. Obviously, it would be beneficial if taxi drivers were able to have the test on a regular basis.

Hopefully, this would lead to more business for taxi drivers if they were able to make their potential passengers aware that they had recently tested negative for this terrible illness. It may also lead to an increase in revenue for a taxi driver that we are sure all taxi drivers would welcome.

Having a test should not take up too much of a taxi driver’s valuable time. After all, the longer he or she is off the road then the greater the negative impact on a taxi driver’s income.

So, if you are a taxi driver or drive a private hire vehicle, why not consider getting in touch with your local authority to find out if you could have a test for the coronavirus sooner rather than later. Having done so, why not try to arrange to have a test every so often. In doing so, assuming your test result is negative, this will provide your passengers with a certain degree of reassurance that they are less likely to catch COVID-19 from you.