It will probably not come as a shock to people to read that a number of taxi drivers in various parts of the UK have called for an increase in how much they can charge passengers. With the cost of fuel increasing significantly in recent months pressure has no doubt been put on a taxi driver’s business as, after all, the cost of fuel is a major business expenditure – in fact, for some, it could be the biggest item of expenditure he or she has.

If a rise in taxi fares is approved then this will please many taxi drivers who have gone through a difficult trading period during the pandemic with many taxis drivers going out of business and not returning to driving taxis after the pandemic died down here in the UK.

You only have to type “taxi fares” into a Google search box and then go onto Google News to see that there are numerous news articles talking about a potential rise in taxi fares.

Of course, taxi drivers need to be careful if they increase fares as such action may not be well received by fare paying passengers with quite a few members of the public who use taxis on a regular basis. Don’t forget that passengers are having to deal with increased household expenditure as mortgage repayments, rent, utility bills, fuel for cars and the cost of food all increase. To be faced with a potentially significant percentage increase in taxi fares may result in some people choosing not to use a taxi.

If taxi fares do increase shortly then it will be interesting if petrol and diesel prices were to reduce significantly in the coming months if that would mean that taxi drivers would then lower their fares.

We will continue to keep our readers up to date in respect of taxi fares here in the UK as well as any other interesting news relating to taxis.