If you are a taxi driver then you are obviously aware of the fuel shortage around the country at the moment. It is affecting so many people whether it be commuters who use a car to get to work, salespeople who drive to and from customer appointments, delivery drivers who supply goods and parts to both residential and business premises and, of course, taxi drivers who need to keep on the road to earn a living.

You only have to look at news articles on the Internet to read about numerous taxi firms that are struggling due to the shortage of fuel nationwide.

Of course, many taxis use diesel fuel and it seems to be that type of fuel that is least available around the UK. At the moment you can travel several miles using up much needed fuel before finding a petrol station that has any fuel available. It is often potluck as far as timing goes as you could arrive at a petrol station that has just had a tanker delivering much needed fuel.

Hopefully, within the taxi trade, there will be taxi drivers who find fuel available who then inform some of their colleagues as to where they can also fill up if they get their in time.

You may find that some of the small, independent petrol stations are more likely to have fuel available than some of the multi-national companies. Of course, this may not necessarily be the case so it is worth checking out the situation at all types of forecourts.

Have you considered ringing some petrol stations to check if they have fuel available rather than using up much needed fuel driving from one petrol station to another? In saying that, we appreciate that it may not always be possible to speak directly to the petrol station.

Obviously, this is something that taxi drivers could have done without especially having gone through such difficult times during the pandemic. Hopefully, the position will soon improve.